FOR YOU - Hors Lits Vienna (Austria) - 08.12.2018

As Hors Lits Wien was my first international artistic event, I wanted to do a performance that directly involved the audience and also the person welcoming me to his place. It really meant a lot to me and I wanted to create an intimacy with the people being there by giving them external and internal parts of my body. "For you" is an action that deals with the body, the essence, and the act of sharing.

Ongles de main / Fingernägel

Ongles de pied / Zehennägel

Sourcils / Augenbrauen

Cérumen / Ohrensekret

Poils des jambes / Beinhaare

Salive / Speichel

Peaux mortes / Hautschuppen

Cil / Wimper

Morve / Nasensekret

Poils pubiens / Schamhaare

Cheveux / Haare

Cyprine / Scheidensekret

Sang / Blut

I deeply thank Michael Blank, who've been my performance partner, and I am so grateful for his true confidence and motivation during all of these few days *

I also sincerely thank Katrin Wölger and Stephanie Schmiderer who invited me to perform to Hors Lits Wien and who welcomed me with such an open heart *

Thank you for everything!

Pictures : Katrin Wölger and Margit.

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